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These items were donated to BCLM in 1978 when we officially opened our doors to the public for the first time. We have recently taken new photographs of these items as part of an ongoing project to digitise our collections. 

Tally Board for Mining Tally Board for Mining

A tally board such as this was used like a clocking system, to indicate whether a miner was in or out the mine. The miner would take their tag with them when they started a shift and return it at the end. This tally board was manufactured by E. C Theedam Ltd, Dudley who were originally manufacturers of colliery...

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Bookies Runners Clock Bookies Runners Clock

Runners clocks like this were used in bookies from the 1920s until the 1960s. At that time, the only way to place a bet on the horses or dogs was by either placing it on the racetrack, or with a bookmaker.  A ‘clock’ was a stopwatch in a solid steel case and one, or two, very stout canvass bags...

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Willenhall Rushbrooke Farthing Willenhall Rushbrooke Farthing

Rushbrooke's was a family tea and grocery establishment in Willenhall, run by Joshua Rushbrooke who was a grocer, baker and confectioner. When this token/ coin was made, in 1844, there was a shortage of coins at the time and the issue of tokens was fairly common. After 1775 the Royal Mint suspended the...

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Token - Star Hotel Tipton Token - Star Hotel Tipton

The Star Hotel was at 185, Bloomfield Road, (now Dudley Road), Tipton. It had been owned by several companies through its time including Atkinsons Ltd, William Butler and Co. Ltd. and Mitchells and Butlers Ltd. After 1775 the Royal Mint suspended the striking of copper coins and therefore the need for small change...

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1790 John Wilkinson Token 1790 John Wilkinson Token

This coin Halfpenny token struck by 18th century industrialist and inventor John Wilkinson, who played a major part in the construction of the famous 'Iron Bridge' in Shropshire. After 1775 the Royal Mint suspended the striking of copper coins and therefore the need for small change had to be answered by the issue...

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WW2 Poultry Keepers Ration Book WW2 Poultry Keepers Ration Book

During World War Two, special poultry feed-mash ration coupons were available, provided that the poultry keeper had registered and produced an authorised ration card like this one. This ration card was only authorised on the agreement that the poultry keeper would contribute some of the produced eggs to the war...

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