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Five Facts about the NHS in 1961

23 July 2021

As part of our exciting Forging Ahead development project, we will be recreating Wolverhampton’s Lea Road Infant Welfare Centre . These centres were places where new...

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Epidemic - Diseases that struck the Black Country

08 July 2021

“Looking back to those early days in my life, it seems to me that the attitude of people to this disease was very different from what it is today. Now, if a case is...

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Wednesbury, Woolf and the 'most charming love letter in literature'

22 June 2021

Wednesbury, Woolf and the ‘most charming love letter in literature’ Do not start. Do not blush. Let us admit in the privacy of our own society that these...

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From the Black Country to the Sea - the journey of Titanic's mighty anchor

01 June 2021

“With sunshine glinting on harness and lighting up the festive ribbons, the horses responded gallantly to the call, and amid a scene of great animation, the white-coated...

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Top 10 Black Country Objects displayed at the 1951 Festival of Britain

21 May 2021

The Festival of Britain opened on London’s Southbank on 4 th May 1951. The Festival was a nationwide celebration of British identity, industry and innovation. In addition...

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