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Sidebotham's Trap Shop Sidebotham's Trap Shop

Inside Sidebotham's animal trap works, originally built in Wednesfield in 1913.

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Backyard Chainshop Backyard Chainshop

Inside a backyard chainshop, originally situated at Claremont Street, Cradley Heath. The woman's hearth and bellows can be seen on the right of the photograph. A man's hearth can be seen on the left.

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Brass Foundry Brass Foundry

This brass foundry, also known as a 'Tub Shop', was built in Shaw Street in Walsall in 1869. It has space for 2 casters to work, with a barrelling and polishing room next door. Molten brass was poured by hand from a crucible into moulds; an old crucible can be seen on the right, upturned and converted for use as a...

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Cast Iron Houses Cast Iron Houses

Cast iron houses built in Dudley in 1925. The houses are constructed from 600 panels of cast iron, bolted together and originally lined with asbestos. They were an experiment in using iron to pre-fabricate buildings, but the idea was too costly and only 4 were ever made.

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Recording the Tilted Cottage Recording the Tilted Cottage

The cottage was 'pit-pulled' by underground coal mining, which made the rebuild particularly challenging. Here, a rubbing is being taken of the East gable prior to dismantling, for reference during the rebuilding process.

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Nailshop Nailshop

Nailshop from Chapel Street, Halesowen, originally built around 1880.

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Pitt's Cott Pitt's Cott

Exterior of Pitt's Cott(age), originally built in Bilston around 1890. The cottage was self-built by Sam Pitt and his family, using second hand bricks.

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Workers' Institute Workers' Institute

Detail of the Workers' Institute, originally built in Cradley Heath in 1912 with the surplus from the 1910 Cradley Heath strike fund. The 1910 women chainmakers' strike saw the workers of Cradley Heath and surrounding areas successfully campaign for a minimum wage.

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Locksmith's House Locksmith's House

Rear of the Locksmith's House in New Road, Willenhall. From 1905, this was home to the Hodson family, lockmakers since 1792. The house and workshops remain in situ in Willenhall.

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Newcomen Engine Newcomen Engine

Working replica of the world's first successful steam engine.

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