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You have searched for items without any preference so here are 10 random ones.

Our online collections are just a very small part of the 80,000 items we have at the museum.

Enamelware vases Enamelware vases

Made by Hill and Son Lye and part of a large collection of this company's products saved by a former employee when the company closed in the late 1960s. The novel multicoloured finish would make them stand out from competitors' products. They seem - at least to the writer - to imitate the finish of plastics in use...

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Brass Foundry Brass Foundry

This brass foundry, also known as a 'Tub Shop', was built in Shaw Street in Walsall in 1869. It has space for 2 casters to work, with a barrelling and polishing room next door. Molten brass was poured by hand from a crucible into moulds; an old crucible can be seen on the right, upturned and converted for use as a...

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Boot scraper made at Archibald Kenrick Ltd Boot scraper made at Archibald Kenrick Ltd

This West Bromwich company specialised in door and porch furniture like this example

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Willenhall Rushbrooke Farthing Willenhall Rushbrooke Farthing

Rushbrooke's was a family tea and grocery establishment in Willenhall, run by Joshua Rushbrooke who was a grocer, baker and confectioner. When this token/ coin was made, in 1844, there was a shortage of coins at the time and the issue of tokens was fairly common. After 1775 the Royal Mint suspended the...

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John Perks Catalogue John Perks Catalogue

John Perks, Wolverhampton, ca.1960.

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Axehead Axehead

Axehead, one of the many different kinds of edge tool manufactured by Edward Elwell Limited of Wednesbury.

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Trolleybus 862 Trolleybus 862

Walsall Corporation trolleybus 862, with a Wolverhampton manufactured Sunbeam F4A chassis, 1955. Find out more about our trolley bus collection

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1790 John Wilkinson Token 1790 John Wilkinson Token

This coin Halfpenny token struck by 18th century industrialist and inventor John Wilkinson, who played a major part in the construction of the famous 'Iron Bridge' in Shropshire. After 1775 the Royal Mint suspended the striking of copper coins and therefore the need for small change had to be answered by the issue...

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Souvenir programme Dudley Prisoners of War fundraising Souvenir programme Dudley Prisoners of War fundraising

Souvenir programme of a  market sale to raise £5,000 for Dudley Prisoners of War the market was opened October 8th 1918 by H.R.H.the Duke of Connaught, K.G. The programme contains lists of supporters who had stalls and advertisements from local businesses including Palethorps and W.Goodyear &...

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Cannon Saucepan Cannon Saucepan

cast iron saucepan with grey mottled enamel finish and hollow handle, manufactured by Cannon. On the side of the saucepan is a stamp that reads 'CANNON, No.1, 1 PINT'.

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