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Our online collections are just a very small part of the 80,000 items we have at the museum.

Locksmith's House Locksmith's House

Rear of the Locksmith's House in New Road, Willenhall. From 1905, this was home to the Hodson family, lockmakers since 1792. The house and workshops remain in situ in Willenhall.

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Bramah Patent padlock Bramah Patent padlock

Bramah type locks were invented in 1784 by Joseph Bramah, the son of a Yorkshire farmer. As well as his burglar proof lock he patented the hydraulic press, an improved flushing toilet, a beer pump and an automatic bank note printing machine (commissioned by the Bank of England in 1806).

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Lavender patent padlock


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Dreadnought type padlock Dreadnought type padlock

Patented 1895 by the Walsall Locks & Cart Gear Ltd, the key on this unusual lock fitted over the bars on the front of the lock and was then moved sideways to open it.

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Accles & Pollock Filigree Accles & Pollock Filigree

Filigree composed of cross sections of tubes, manufactured by Accles and Pollock of Oldbury. The firm produced the filigree for the 1939 World Trade Fair in New York.

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Printing block Printing block

The museum has large collections of printing blocks used in the production of trade catalogues for locally made goods

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Bookies Runners Clock Bookies Runners Clock

Runners clocks like this were used in bookies from the 1920s until the 1960s. At that time, the only way to place a bet on the horses or dogs was by either placing it on the racetrack, or with a bookmaker.  A ‘clock’ was a stopwatch in a solid steel case and one, or two, very stout canvass bags...

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