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Daily activities

These activities run throughout the day.

school lesson

Experience an Edwardian school lesson

How was school different to school today? Experience the strict discipline of the classroom at...

Traditional Fish and Chips

Enjoy our traditionally cooked fish & chips

We reckon our chips are the best! Don’t miss out – Fish & Chips are served from...

chain making

Watch the traditional skills of metal working

See sparks fly at the chain makers daily live demonstrations, the nail shop and brass foundry, ...

boat dock

Stroll around the boat dock

Take in over 250 years of history including the various types of historic working boats and the...


The anchor for the Titanic was made in the Black Country in 1911


Dudley Miner

The average age of death was 16.7 in Dudley in 1841

The smog and grime of the industrial revolution took its toll on the population. In 1841 the...

Queen Vic

13 year old Queen Victoria described the land as "desolate" and "black"

A 13-year-old Queen Victoria was once so offended by the sight of the Black Country she closed the...

Lady Chainmakers

In 1910 the lady chain makers of Cradley Heath helped win Britain's first minimum wage

Led by women’s right campaigner Mary McArthur, in 1910 the women chain makers of ...

Black by day red by night

In 1866 the Black Country was described as "black by day and red by night"

In 1866 the Black Country was described as "black by day and red by night"

Stourbridge Lion

In 1828, Stourbridge built the first steam train to operate on US soil

Built in 1828, the Stourbridge Lion was the very first steam locomotive to run in the USA –...

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