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Peaky Blinders


Walk in the footsteps of the Shelbys right here at the Museum.

Steven Knight, writer and creator of the iconic BBC series, once called the Museum the "home of Peaky Blinders" - and he's not wrong! Scenes from all five seasons of the epic gangster drama were filmed right here at the Museum! Why not pay us a visit and walk in the footsteps of the Shelbys? 

What areas of the Museum were used as filming locations?

Boat Dock & Anchor Forge

Our Boat Dock and Anchor Forge are both the most recognisable areas of the Museum to feature in the show, and form the setting for Charlie Strong’s Yard. Featured in most seasons of the series, scenes of note include the shooting of Danny Whizz-Bang in series 1, episode 1 and the infamous tea party scene where Vincente Changretta meets Arthur and John Shelby in series 4, episode 2.

St James' School

St James’ School was the setting for the infamous murder that took place in the nail-biting finale of series 3, episode 6. Michael can also be seen pulling up in a car outside of the school along the Old Birmingham Road.

Workers' Institute

Tommy’s trip to the armoured vehicle plant was filmed in the office of the Workers' Institute in series 3, episode 2.

Canal Street Bridge

Canal Street Bridge became the secret meeting place of Ada and Freddie. They returned here on their wedding day in series 1, episodes 1 and 2.


Tommy can be seen walking through the back alleys of our back-to-back houses, weaving through laundry that’s been hung out to dry in series 2, episode 1.

Chainmaking Shop

Another location featured throughout all five seasons, fans will instantly recognise the iconic scenes filmed at the Chainmaking shop – including when Tommy watched the Blacksmith at work from the shadows, before shooting him in the Rolling Mill in series 2, episode 1.

Blacksmith's Shop

Arthur rallied the troops outside the Blacksmith's shop in series 1, episode 3. It has been the location of many a Peaky Blinder gathering throughout the seasons.

Rolling Mill

Tommy Shelby’s iconic walk past the fire furnaces was shot here in series 1, episode 3. The Rolling Mill has been used at various points throughout the seasons.

Factory Junction Bridge

Our lifting bridge is seen in the background of many episodes, including when Tommy welcomes the tunnellers in series 3, episode 5.

Lime Kilns

The Lime Kilns have featured across many episodes of the show, most famously as the setting for a liaison between Tommy and Lizzie Stark in series 4, episode 3.


"It's the home of the Peaky Blinders to be honest." Steven Knight


Did you know?

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The museum has 12 working street gas lights, from the early 1900s style up to the 1930s.

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