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Official Home of Peaky Blinders

So you now know that we are the 'Official Home of Peaky Blinders'. Come visit our Museum and you can walk in the footsteps of the Shelby's...

Here are the locations to look out for on your visit. 

Our Canal Arm & Boat Dock

Many of you will know our canal arm as the famous Charlie Strong's Yard, however on the tv series the back drop is slightly different with huge factories built in the middle of our village with CGI.

Many scenes have been filmed on our canal arm such as the shooting of Danny Whizz-Bang in season 1, The 'Whiskey Deals' and the boat trip down to London in season 2. In the latest season, season 3 we saw the famous 'Tea Party' take place here to celebrate the announcement of Arthur becoming a father.

The Anchor Forge is located in the middle of this area of our Museum and has been the centre of many deals and disagreements. In season 2, the anchor forge was also set dressed with a table at the back area of this foundry for one of the Shelby meets.

The Boat Dock saw opening scenes in season 1 with Tommy Shelby arriving in town on his horse, and season 2, the two ladies can be spotted pushing their prams. This is also where the Shelby's keep their pride and joy horses in our boat dock shed (turned into stables).

The Rolling Mill is where the deadly scene of the Blacksmith was filmed for Season 2 and is also the iconic long walk of Tommy Shelby past all the firing furnaces.

Canal Street Bridge

Our Canal Street bridge can be seen in the well known scene of the secret meet between Ada and Freddy in season 1 and can also be seen in season 2 as the boats are loaded by our Lime Kilns and sent off to London.

The Blacksmith's

Our small Blacksmith's building next to our Chainmaker's forge has been the location of many a Peaky Blinder gathering. In Season 1, Arthur rallied the troops right on the doorstep of this building. you may recognise our iconic rounded windows.

The Back Alley's 

The alley ways around the back of our houses and shops were used in the iconic scenes where Tommy Shelby can be seen smoking and making his way to meet his Irish handlers, walking down our chalk alley way between the Back to back cottages , past our brass foundry, through lots of set props such as hanging washing, to a table and chairs where the meet takes place right next to our bakery.

The Workers' Institute

The latest season, season 3, shows several scenes in our Workers' Institute, the Lanchester factory office was set in our main office room of this building for Tommy & Arthur's meeting to go and inspect the armoured vehicles. The smaller office upstairs was also used in season 3. Although the rooms were set dressed with large shelving units and more factory props, you may recognise our iconic large windows in these scenes. Look out for scenes yet to be shown in this season.

St James's School

Our St James's School was the setting for the murder of Father Hughes in the nail biting finale of Season 3.

These scenes also include our 1930s street, Old Birmingham Road as Michael pulls up in the car.

We hope you come and visit us soon to walk around and take your photos in the same places the Shelby's stood. 

Don't forget you pay for just one day visit and we will give you an UnChained Annual Pass so you can visit as often as you like for 12 months. /media/about/library/unchained-banner-540x210px.jpg


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