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I Vow to Thee Black Country

27 May 2014

Local band, The Empty Can, visited BCLM today to launch the Black Country Anthem song 'I Vow to Thee Black Country', a re-working of the patriotic classic, I Vow to Thee My Country. Look out for the Museum, as we welcomed BBC Midlands Today, ITV Central, BBC Radio WM and the Express & Star who were all keen...

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Clean Sweep for Development Director

21 May 2014

Our Director of Development, Vicki Stanley, closed her fundraising bids, transferred her busy phone line to voicemail and replaced them with a sweeping brush, mop & bucket and cleaning rags for the day. As part of the Museum's 'Managers Back To The Floor' initiative, Vicki swapped her office suits for a more...

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Sweet Treat for Half Term

20 May 2014

The Museum is celebrating the re-launch of it's sweet shop boiler with a fun-filled week of traditional sweet making and childhood games. The sweet shop in the Museum's canal side village takes the name of Thomas Cook, who ran a small confectionery business at 21 Bond Street, Dudley between 1871 and 1901. The...

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Brass Founder

Black By Day, Red By Night

20 May 2014

What is involved on putting on a Night at the Museum event at BCLM? well first we need a theme...... “The Black Country, black by day and red by night, cannot be matched for vast and varied production by any other space of equal radius on the surface of the globe’ Elihu Burritt, the American...

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Museum helps to celebrate Brownies’ 100th Birthday

19 May 2014

On Sunday 11 May, 400 local Brownies from the Dudley Division visited the Museum to celebrate their 100 th anniversary and to enjoy a day out to remember. The Dudley Division learnt how Brownies may have lived 100 years ago; they took part in an extra special Victorian school lesson about the history of...

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The One Show

16 May 2014

See when comedian Arthur Smith & BBC's The One Show came and spent the night at Black Country Living Museum. Click the Iplayer link which is valid for the next 5 days and fast forward to 52minutes to see the last 8 minutes of the show spent at BCLM.  

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Red by Night is the One

13 May 2014

We are gearing up for an appearance on the One Show this Wednesday in a feature about the national ‘Museums at Night’ event. The BBC team chose BCLM - out of hundreds of participating museums across the UK - to lead the promotion of the national event and will be letting viewers know more about the range...

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WWI Real People, Real Stories – Can you help?

07 May 2014

Our Collections Team and Learning Assistants are working hard researching people of the past, upon whom we can base characters for our WWI Black Country Goes to War activities in the summer. They are particularly interested in  Gertrude Bytheway , who was a teacher from Walsall, who went on to volunteer as a...

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red by night

Celebrating the Industrial Might

06 May 2014

To celebrate the Black Country as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, we will be opening the Museum doors after hours for a special half price evening of Red By Night on Saturday 17 May 2014, showcasing the industrial might of the Black Country in a way that’s never been seen before.  In 1868,...

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Back on the Road

02 May 2014

We are delighted to announce that two vehicles which have recently undergone essential maintenance work, are now up and running ready for the Museum's busy Spring - Summer days. Good things come in small packages - the lovable three wheeled Frisky car, was originally manufactured in nearby Wolverhampton by Henry...

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An Electric Easter

01 May 2014

Following the winter maintenance programme, Trolleybus 862, has returned to service on the Museum's electric bus route, which is is currently the longest in the country; lucky visitors were able to climb aboard the newly refurbished 862 over the Easter holidays. Our volunteer transport group normally operate the...

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