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The Builders Yard & Office

This display represents a traditional small builder’s merchants yard of the mid-1920s comprising a brick office, a stone hovel and an open yard.

The stone cutter’s hovel originally stood at the entrance to Bilston Quarry, Wolverhampton.

Black Country people were loath to waste anything and this characteristic is reflected in the number of reclaimed items displayed for sale which have been salvaged from previous jobs.

There were very few large building contractors in the 1920s and the bulk of building materials were still supplied by small merchants such as this.

The shelves of the office are stacked with valuable items like brass pipe fittings but sacks of cement, lime and plaster and cast iron pipes are stored in the hovel.

Small merchants stocked a little of everything and the yard is crowded with a variety of traditional building materials such as slates, copingstones, bricks and sanitary ware.

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