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Keep visiting these pages to find regular challenges including baking, building, crafting or simply living and dressing like they did in the 'olden' days!

Take up our latest challenge.....

Make a Shoe Friend

Children in WW1 did not have many toys to play with and those that they did were often made by themselves or by a family member.

Have a go at living and playing like a child from the 1940s and make your very own toy to play with.

Try making a shoe friend...take an old shoe and turn its sole and heel into a character. Make a face on the shoes heel and dress the shoe in old rags. See what characters you can create....a miner, a Victorian lady or your favourite super hero.


  • get an old shoe from a charity shop
  • draw a face with a black marker on the heel of the shoe
  • use drawing pins for the eyes and nose (adult supervision recommended)
  • use old rags to wrap around the shoe for clothing or old baby / doll clothes to dress it up in


Don't forget to send photos of you, your family and friends completing our fun activities and challenges.

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Did you know?

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The museum owns over 740 laundry irons - which together weigh about the same as 9 newborn baby elephants.

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