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Learning at Black Country Living Museum

Key Stage 2: Keeping in Touch

Additional Activities and Learning Experiences

Cost: £15                                            Duration: 1 Hour                                    Number in group: Maximum 25

This session will explore the importance of maintaining communication between soldiers and their families and friends during the Great War. It will introduce students to the main methods of communication and how and why these were controlled by the Government through censorship. The session will include a postcard investigation and printing activity. 


Learning Objectives

To gain an appreciation and understanding of:

  • The vital role of the postal service during WW1 in boosting morale both at home and on the home front.
  • The role of the home front – particularly children and women – in raising funds to send parcels to members of the forces.
  • The use of censorship to prevent sensitive information being leaked, and to prevent bad news from reaching the home front. 
  • How to undertake an historical investigation using primary source materials.


Associated Materials

 Postcard Timeline

 Different Types of Postcard

Did you know?

interesting fact image

The Malins family started the Birmingham based Mamod company in 1939. The name Mamod is derived from Malins Models.

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