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Learning at Black Country Living Museum

Key Stage 1: Houses & Homes

On this learning visit, students will develop an awareness of the past through an investigation of the different houses and homes at the Museum.

The visit will explore the relationship between the houses and the life styles of the people who lived in them. Students will find out about the different features of buildings and study different household objects from the past.

The visit will help students identify the similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods of history and across different sectors of society. 



  • To develop an awareness of the past
  • To ask and answer questions about objects from the past
  • To learn to use everyday words and phrases relating to the passing of time, including recognising and describing the common features of domestic dwellings and to identify the key features of a home built a long time ago
  • To find out how life has changed over time and to identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods using houses and homes as a context
  • To show that an investigation of the buildings, objects and displays in a Museum can be used to find out about the past 


Additional Activities

This visit can be enhanced by booking the following bookable activity (additional charges apply and activity is subject to availability):

“Wash Day Experience"


Associated Resources for Pre and Post Visit

The following downloadable resources can be used to help you prepare for the visit, and for follow-on work back in the classroom:


Booking a Visit


Our Booking Team are available to offer help and advice when planning a visit. All educational groups must book in advance.

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