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Learning at Black Country Living Museum

Conference: It's a Gas! The history and impact of manufactured gas

Friday 10th - Saturday/media/learning/library/gas-light.jpg

11th October 2014

A two-day conference exploring the heritage of the manufactured gas industry in Britain and its legacy in 21st century science and technology.

Delegates will have access to gas-powered domestic appliances in the Museum’s collections; see a range of gas engines working, including the replica Newcomen Engine, the Museum's cinema gas engine and a 1905 Tangye Gas Engine; see Ross Barlow (the University of Birmingham's hydrogen fuel cell narrowboat); and have the opportunity to explore the Black Country Living Museum at night, with its authentic street and domestic gas lighting. 



Day 1 Programme: Friday 10th October


Evening Event Programme: Friday 10th October


Day 2 Programme: Saturday 11th October




Cost for both days and the evening dinner: £150

Cost for both days without the evening dinner: £120

Cost for one day: £65

Book Online

Or for more information and to book contact the Bookings Team:

Telephone: 0121 520 8054



Event sponsored by H&R ChemPharm (UK) Limited, based in Tipton, West Midlands on a site that has for over 170 years been involved in the manufacture of oils and lubricants.

Did you know?

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The museum owns over 740 laundry irons - which together weigh about the same as 9 newborn baby elephants.

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