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Foul Foods - Half Term Activities

Photo of baker with children

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21 October - 29 October 2017

Become a Victorian food detective this half-term and help us separate foul foods from tasty treats.


Lead in lemon sherberts? Bricks in bread? The things Victorians did to their food was truly foul! Take on the role of the detective over half term and separate tasty treats from foul foods and have a whole lorra loffs along the way!

From the badly-behaved baker to the questionable quack doctor, meet a few mischievous characters this half term on your quest to separate the gruesome from the delicious.

Step back in time and explore shops and houses to uncover how food was often grossly adulterated. Arsenic in sweets, plaster of Paris in bread and boracic acid in milk – the Victorians were dicing with death whenever they ate - follow our Foul Foods trail to find out more! 

Unleash your creative side and transform into a creature of your choosing in the run up to Halloween with spooky mask-making craft activities. 

Discover the delights of playtime in the last century, banish boredom with traditional street games including hopscotch and skipping. Take up the challenge to see how long you can keep the hoop rolling in the hoop and stick game and test your skill with a cup and ball and the whip and top.

Not forgetting our usuals - you can also enjoy a trip 'Into the Thick', experiencing life in a 1850s coal mine, attend a Victorian school lesson and try our famous traditionally cooked Fish & Chips. /media/events/library/unchained-banner-880x210px.jpg

Hear Dr Quackman tell you about one of the foul recipes used in the past in the video below

See how travelling quack doctors conned people with their potions, lotions and notions in the video below



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