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1940s Weekend

photo of young 40s lady and soldier

Usual opening hours & general admission prices apply for this event.

The BCLM UnChained Pass is valid for daytime visits, however it is not valid for the evening event which is pre-book only.

15 July - 16 July 2017

Spend the weekend in wartime Britain at Black Country Living Museum’s highly popular 1940s Weekend.

 For an entire weekend the Museum will be transformed, recreating an electric wartime atmosphere of vintage entertainment, food and fashion!

  • Explore 26 acres filled with vintage vehicles, 40s civilians and army personnel
  • Use your identity card to move through checkpoints across the Museum
  • Take part in austerity-busting workshops
  • See ‘fashion on the ration’ in vintage clothes displays
  • Listen to Churchill’s stirring speeches performed live by a re-enactor
  • Experience an ‘air raid scenario’ in the Museum’s village
  • Keep an eye out for spivs touting questionable ration cards – redeemable for spam fritters, bread pudding and other wartime classics

We welcome all visitors to take part and dress 1940s, however please respect that this is a homefront event - Allied Forces only. 


How to get the 40s look


Please note: if you are planning to visit us for the whole weekend,  there will be a break between the Saturday daytime event, ending at 5pm and the evening event, beginning at 6.30pm. Visitors will be asked to leave the Museum site for this hour and a half. 

Usual opening hours & admission prices apply for this event. BCLM UnChained Annual passes are valid for the daytime visits however, it is not valid for the evening event which is pre-book only.



  • Programme of activities
  • Just for 40s Fun!
  • Photo gallery

Programme of activities


Just for 40s Fun!

We are celebrating War Time Britain with this fabulous  1940s weekend  and we would like to know - How much do you know about the 40s?

We have the basics covered for you; including what did they wear and how to make do & mend, rationing & recipes and women at war.

Join in at home and  find out what it was like to live in wartime Britain by taking part in our activities and challenges below......


This Month's Challenge....

Live like they did in the 1940s.

Go a whole day without using electric or battery powered entertainment.

This includes TV, Games Consoles and Toys.

Write in to tell us how you get on to

/media/learning/library/dress-landgirls1.jpgDress 1940s

Join in and have a go at dressing up 1940s. Find a few ideas of the type of clothes that were worn  here


Facts about War time rationing  here

/media/learning/library/130621_230_potatopete.jpg1940s Recipes

Learn how to cook some of these great rationing  recipes.


/media/learning/library/130624_230_make_do_and_mend.jpgMake Do & Mend

Find out about planning your wardrobe with clothing rations and knitting comforts  here







Women at War

The women played a vital part in WW2 at war and on the home front. Find out more  here

/media/learning/library/130624_230_1940s_pictures_&_videos_093.jpg1940s Weekend

Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 July includes Saturday evening.

Find out more  here

Don't forget to send photos of you, your family and friends completing some of our fun activities. Find out where to send your photos   here



Photo gallery

Here are a few of our visitor's pictures from our previous 40s evening events



/media/events/library/140619_230_40s.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230_002.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230_004.jpg

/media/events/library/150609_230_forties_weekend_023.jpg  /media/events/library/140619_230_forties_weekend_013.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__1050735-2.jpg

/media/events/library/140619_230_1940s_pictures_&_videos_103.jpg    /media/events/library/140619_230_40s2.jpg

    /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0328.jpg   /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0286.jpg   /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0240.jpg   /media/events/library/140710_230_peter_wayre.jpg

/media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0368.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0421.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0472.jpg

/media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0524.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0543.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0632.jpg

/media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0724.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0808.jpg  /media/events/library/1940s.2.jpg

/media/events/library/1940s.4.jpg  /media/events/library/1940s.8.jpg  /media/events/library/140619_230_1940s_pictures_&_videos_103.jpg

   /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0623.jpg   /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0784.jpg   /media/events/library/1940s.6.jpg   

See more photos of last year's 1940s weekend on in our facebook photo album




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