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1940s Evening

1940s photo of d-day darlings

This is a pre-book only event.

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15 July 2017

The spirit of the ‘40s will live on into the night as a separate evening event takes place on Saturday 15 July.

Don’t forget to dress up as you’ll be dancing the night away to popular wartime trio the D-Day Darlings and other live bands who’ll fill the cobbled streets with the sweet sounds of the ‘40s!

We welcome all visitors to take part and dress 1940s, however please respect that this is a homefront event - Allied Forces only. 


How to get the 40s look


Please note: if you are planning to visit us for the whole weekend, please note that there will be a break between the Saturday daytime event, ending at 5pm and the evening event, beginning at 6.30pm. Visitors will be asked to leave the Museum site for this hour and a half. 

  • Prices & Booking Details
  • Photo gallery
  • Programme & Performers Schedule

Prices & Booking Details

Tickets now on sale

Book online  

or call our Bookings Team on 0121 520 8054 (£3 admin fee) 

Event will take place Sat 15 Jul 2017, 6.30pm - 10.00pm 


Adult: £16

Young Person (5-16): £9

Essential Carer: £8

Group rates are available for groups of 15 or more, by contacting our Booking Team

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Photo gallery

Here are a few of our visitor's pictures from our previous 40s evening events



/media/events/library/140619_230_40s.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230_002.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230_004.jpg

/media/events/library/150609_230_forties_weekend_023.jpg  /media/events/library/140619_230_forties_weekend_013.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__1050735-2.jpg

/media/events/library/140619_230_1940s_pictures_&_videos_103.jpg    /media/events/library/140619_230_40s2.jpg

    /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0328.jpg   /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0286.jpg   /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0240.jpg   /media/events/library/140710_230_peter_wayre.jpg

/media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0368.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0421.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0472.jpg

/media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0524.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0543.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0632.jpg

/media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0724.jpg  /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0808.jpg  /media/events/library/1940s.2.jpg

/media/events/library/1940s.4.jpg  /media/events/library/1940s.8.jpg  /media/events/library/140619_230_1940s_pictures_&_videos_103.jpg

   /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0623.jpg   /media/events/library/150609_230__dsc0784.jpg   /media/events/library/1940s.6.jpg   

See more photos of last year's 1940s weekend on in our facebook photo album


Programme & Performers Schedule

Download the Evening's Programme 

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